• All fees quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).
    • Payment for services rendered is due in advance, unless otherwise stated.
    • Initial setup fee must be paid in full before Digital Hippo commences the setup of the client’s Social Media PPC account(s).
    • Monthly invoicing will occur on the 15th of each month.
    • Payments are due on or before the 5th of the following month. If payment is not received by the 7th, the client’s campaign may be temporarily suspended.
    • Digital Hippo reserves the right to adjust PPC budgets as deemed necessary. The client will be notified of any budget changes at least 30 days in advance.
    • Should the client wish to suspend or cancel the management of their Social Media account(s) / campaign(s), they must inform Digital Hippo and schedule a meeting to discuss requirements, feedback, or concerns. A written notice of cancellation, with a minimum of one calendar month’s notice, must then be provided. All cancellation requests should be sent to admin@digitalhippo.co.za.
    • Upon cancellation, all outstanding fees owed to Digital Hippo must be paid in full within 7 business days. If any invoices remain unpaid 60 days after cancellation, Digital Hippo reserves the right to engage a debt collection agency at the client’s expense.



    In accordance with the agreement between Digital Hippo and the client, the following terms and conditions apply while Digital Hippo is managing the client’s Social Media account:

        • The client grants Digital Hippo permission to access their Social Media account for the purpose of optimizing and managing their online marketing strategy.
        • Although Digital Hippo will make every effort to set up the client’s Social Media accounts as soon as possible, it may take up to 5-7 days to complete the setup process.
        • If Digital Hippo requires additional information from the client in order to set up or modify an account, any delay caused by the wait for this information will not be the responsibility of Digital Hippo.
        • This agreement operates on a month-to-month basis, allowing Digital Hippo to finalize strategies and ensure that the client’s account is not negatively impacted by incomplete optimization techniques.
        • All work performed by Digital Hippo in the client’s Social Media Advert Account will remain the Intellectual Property of Digital Hippo throughout the contract and following its termination.
        • Upon termination of the contract, the client agrees to remove all Intellectual Property owned by Digital Hippo and will not have access to the Social Media Advert Account that contains Digital Hippo’s Intellectual Property.
        • Failure to remove Digital Hippo’s Intellectual Property from the client’s Social Media account may result in the client being charged for each month that the Intellectual Property remains live within the account.
        • The Intellectual Property of each party shall remain the property of the respective party and shall not be transferred or acquired by the other party without prior written consent.
        • Neither party shall attempt to derive source code, ideas, algorithms, structure, or organization from the other party’s Intellectual Property without written authorization or as specifically provided in this Agreement.
        • Both parties shall preserve the respective Intellectual Property notices and disclaimers of the other party and/or their vendors or licensors without prior written approval.
        • Neither party may use the other party’s Intellectual Property, trade names, logos, or any derivatives without prior written approval.
        • Digital Hippo will provide advice, information, and technical services to assist the client in achieving their online advertising goals.
        • Digital Hippo does not guarantee any particular rate of return or performance of online advertising or marketing on Social Media, and shall not be held responsible for any commercial outcomes associated with the client’s Social Media account(s).
        • The client may amend their Social Media advertising budgets at any time, however, management fees may only be amended with mutual agreement.
        • Digital Hippo shall not be held liable for fines, penalties, taxes, damages, indirect losses, or legal costs arising from this Agreement.
        • The client grants Digital Hippo the right to use their business name, logo, and related information in Digital Hippo’s promotional material.
        • This Agreement may be modified at any time with mutual consent in writing.​


      • Digital Hippo commits to complying with copyright law in the development of the client’s social media campaigns.
      • Both parties agree to not disclose or use, with or without prior written consent, any confidential information related to the other party’s business or trade secrets, including but not limited to product information, processes, methodologies, frameworks, manuals, software, reports, research, papers, architectural drawings, customers, business accounts, finance, contractual arrangements, and dealings, as well as the transactions or affairs of the other party or any of its subsidiaries.
      • All fees, services, documents, recommendations, and reports shall be handled confidentially.
      • Digital Hippo has no control over the policies of the various social media platforms and their advertising platforms regarding the type of content that may or may not be posted and used for paid advertising.
      • Some social media content, such as check-ins and reviews, cannot be removed from business pages, and Digital Hippo assumes no responsibility for negative feedback on the client’s social media pages. However, the company will provide assistance with reputation management to the best of its ability.


          • The client will be required to provide written approval before any content is posted to the client’s website/online platform, unless otherwise specified.
          • The responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the published content rests with the client after approval has been granted.
          • The client acknowledges that any delays in the approval process may impact the timely posting of content.
          • Digital Hippo will provide the client with the opportunity to suggest or approve article topics before the content creation process begins.
          • Only one revision will be permitted after the initial approval of content.


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