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Google Ads

Let your customers find you with keywords on Google. PPC done right!

Social Media

Advertise and engage with users on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn


Content Writing

We create stunning and optimised blogs for your business

Website Design

UX Design, create a smooth browsing experience for your users


We help you reach the 1st page of Google for your services & products

Digital Marketing

Let us create a complete digital strategy to grow your business!

Our Promise

Unleash the Power of Fun with Digital Hippo: Effective Digital Marketing Agency


Are you tired of bland, boring digital marketing agencies that treat your business like a statistic? Look no further, because Hippo Digital is here to shake things up! Our team of creative minds will turn your online presence into a wild, attention-grabbing adventure. Plus, we promise to make the process just as fun for you as it is for us. So why settle for a plain vanilla agency when you can have a Digital Hippo on your side? Choose us and let’s make some marketing magic happen.

Digital Marketing Agency South Africa

Digital Marketing Company

Designed to Increase Online Marketing Business Growth

Digital Hippo simplify the process of digital marketing, making it easy and affordable for anyone to succeed in today’s marketplace. The fees and unorthodox approach to digital marketing are proving a challenge to business owners. We’re a digital marketing online advertising company that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to scale your advertising

Marketing is a time-consuming and complicated task. We make marketing easy, with the click of a button, and provide personalised help from our account managers. Our hand-picked professional campaigns will not only save you time to focus on your business but also save you money!

Increase Qualified Digital Marketing Leads

Generating leads is essential for your business to keep growing successfully. We help you generate those leads and all you have to do is convert them to drive new sales. Our enthusiastic team has years of experience to assist in business growth

Support for Brands & Companies

We pride ourselves on our fast response times. Our proactive approach is something you have never seen in the digital marketing space, so let’s hope we contact you before you contact us 😉

Support for Brands & Companies

One of our main goals with our clients is that we want to increase engagement and how they interact with clients. This means that we focus on generating quality leads so you can scale your business

Online Digital Marketing

Why a Digital Marketing Business?

Our Approach to Marketing as Digital Marketing Agency

Full-Service Marketing

We offer any Digital Marketing service. You think of it, we’ve probably done it. This allows us to create the perfect online digital marketing strategy for your business.

Fast Response Times

Our team is known for its excellent support and fast response times. We always try to accommodate our clients to the best of our capabilities 

Reputation & Performance

We pride ourselves as one of the elites in our industry. With years of experien,ce we are driven to give you results!

Transparent Process

We keep you in the loop through the entire process. From onboarding, when your ads go live and how they perform

Who is Digital Hippo?

Digital Hippo is a full-service digital marketing agency based in South Africa. Our team of experts specializes in providing a range of digital marketing services, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, web design, and more.

We’re committed to delivering results-driven marketing campaigns that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. At Digital Hippo, we believe that a strategic and data-driven approach is key to achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

What does Digital Hippo do?

Digital Hippo is a digital marketing agency that provides a range of services to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives. These services include:

Social media marketing: Digital Hippo helps businesses increase their social media presence and engagement by developing customized strategies for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Digital Hippo helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and visibility by optimizing their website and content for search engines like Google.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Digital Hippo creates and manages PPC advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to help businesses reach their target audience and generate more leads.

Web design and development: Digital Hippo designs and develops custom websites that are optimized for user experience and search engines.

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